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I'm thrilled to help you attain and maintain the most flawless skin possible. I love the beauty industry and will work diligently to keep you well informed on not only tried and true regimens and products, but also share with you new discoveries in anti-aging, acne therapies, and all aspects of achieving luminous skin as well.

After 25 years in the beauty biz as an aesthetician, nurse in dermatology, skincare journalist, and providing expert advice for a major skincare website, I decided it was time to share my experience and secrets. I couldn't possibly do this alone though. 

Thankfully, I have the help from my good friend Gina, my skincare sidekick! She is a "skincare junkie," who has tried a zillion and one products. I joke with her and tell her she needs to start Beauty Anonymous meetings… My name is Gina….and I'm a skin productaholic! After battling acne for years, Gina now has a peaches and cream complexion and is eager to share her secrets for achieving clear, brilliant skin.

In addition to skin care, we’ll be covering all kinds of other topics related to health and beauty. The sky is the limit!

We all know how exciting it is when Oprah picks her favorites and shares them with us. Right? But YOU our fortunate readers are even luckier! Oprah may be rich, but we have connections! We get to try hundreds of beauty products. Ah yes, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. So I say you all deserve the benefits as well. I will no longer keep these secret weapons to myself. Enjoy and welcome to Beauty Research by Karen!


What's New

  • Beautiful Brows

    Being blonde and getting a little older, I’ve started noticing my already hard-to-see blonde eyebrows getting thinner and much sparser as precious time flies by. But even before the dreaded new thinning, they were already only minimally visible due to their light shade. After years of writing about beauty I know only too well that a nice set of eyebrows...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-30-2014
  • Tofu Revisited - Putting a Spin on the Soy Staple

    Available in different consistencies and even in flavored varieties, tofu is a curd made from soymilk. Rich in protein, tofu also supplies the body with essential B vitamins, iron and calcium. Soy products have been shown to have a cholesterol-lowering effect with studies indicating that consuming 25 grams of soy daily can lead to a 5 to 6 percent reduction...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-29-2014
  • Tatiana Maslany - Beautiful and Versatile

    Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany will turn 29 this year and has become a breakout star due to her roles in the Canadian television series "Heartland" and the BBC America sci-fi thriller "Orphan Black," in which she plays multiple clones. Tatiana is known for her versatility and ability to take on challenging roles, and the actress...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-26-2014
  • Top 5 Cholesterol Lowering Foods

    Millions of adults in the United States suffer from high cholesterol. If you're among the one in three Americans with high cholesterol, it is important that you take steps to lower your numbers, as high cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease and other health problems. Making changes to your diet is an important part of controlling cholesterol...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-24-2014
  • The Trick to Thick Bangs

    Bangs have been consistently on trend for the last few years and many women have tried and perhaps not completely succeeded at the look. Thin hair with bangs can be tough. Greasy hair or skin can be a bang’s undoing. Sometimes this reportedly simple style can seem more work than it’s worth. Thankfully Hilary, a personal stylist and writer/style mentor...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-23-2014
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