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I'm thrilled to help you attain and maintain the most flawless skin possible. I love the beauty industry and will work diligently to keep you well informed on not only tried and true regimens and products, but also share with you new discoveries in anti-aging, acne therapies, and all aspects of achieving luminous skin as well.

After 25 years in the beauty biz as an aesthetician, nurse in dermatology, skincare journalist, and providing expert advice for a major skincare website, I decided it was time to share my experience and secrets. I couldn't possibly do this alone though. 

Thankfully, I have the help from my good friend Gina, my skincare sidekick! She is a "skincare junkie," who has tried a zillion and one products. I joke with her and tell her she needs to start Beauty Anonymous meetings… My name is Gina….and I'm a skin productaholic! After battling acne for years, Gina now has a peaches and cream complexion and is eager to share her secrets for achieving clear, brilliant skin.

In addition to skin care, we’ll be covering all kinds of other topics related to health and beauty. The sky is the limit!

We all know how exciting it is when Oprah picks her favorites and shares them with us. Right? But YOU our fortunate readers are even luckier! Oprah may be rich, but we have connections! We get to try hundreds of beauty products. Ah yes, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. So I say you all deserve the benefits as well. I will no longer keep these secret weapons to myself. Enjoy and welcome to Beauty Research by Karen!


What's New

  • Oil Pulling - The Latest in Natural Oral Care

    The importance of good oral hygiene has been well established, as the health of your teeth and gums is connected to the health of your entire body. While most people care for their teeth with a brushing and flossing routine, a new natural method of oral care is beginning to gain popularity, largely due to the testimonials of actress Gwyneth Paltrow...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-19-2014
  • Best 5 Natural Skin Hydrators

    With the season shifting from summer to fall, the air is growing less and less humid. While this can make for more comfortable weather conditions, it can also lead to skin dryness. Using a moisturizer daily is especially important during the autumn and winter seasons, and there are thousands of moisturizers on the market to help you care for your skin...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-17-2014
  • How To Get A Smoky Eye In Less Than 5 Minutes

    Whether you are traveling or just busy, most people do not want to spend too much time on their makeup. Even for special occasions, the faster you can put your face on the faster you can be out having fun. If you want to look more va-va-voom and less everyday office, Keiko Lynn can help! In her Makeup Monday: Simple Smoke Liner Tutorial she has fantastic...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Gina on 09-16-2014
  • Sugar Alcohols - A Sweet Alternative

    You can't help but have a sweet spot for sweets, but consuming too much sugar can be detrimental to your diet. Many people are turning to sugar alternatives to help satisfy their craving for sweets without adding calories and carbs to their diets. Sugar alcohols are one type of alternative that has long been used in processed foods in place of sugar...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Gina on 09-15-2014
  • Mindy Kaling - Redefining Body Image

    Thirty-five-year-old actress Mindy Kaling became a household name with her hilarious portrayal of Kelly Kapoor on the sitcom "The Office." Now, she is making audiences laugh on her own show "The Mindy Project." Not only is Mindy talented onscreen, but she is also a gifted writer, as she writes the scripts for her show and wrote several...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Gina on 09-12-2014
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