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Where to Shop for Holiday Gifts

With so many places to shop this holiday season it’s difficult to know which retailer is best. The answer lies in what your needs are. If you don’t like crowds and like the convenience from shopping from home then your ideal gift shopping mode would be the internet. If however, you like getting out in the hustle and bustle of holiday fun (and sometimes not so much fun!) then going to your favorite mall may be right for you. Either way, it’s important to start with a list, have a plan, know who you’re shopping for, and how much you can realistically spend.

We here at Beauty Research are online shoppers all the way! Shopping online takes the craziness out of shopping…it’s convenient, typically cheaper and is certainly easier on the feet! And you can look for cost comparisons as well as cover so much more territory in terms of exactly what’s new and available.

It’s important to shop online as though you were shopping in the stores. In other words, you’ll typically find what you’re looking for if you shop on the site that is specific to your wants, needs and desires. For instance, if you’re looking for a sofa, you’d go to a furniture store…correct? Because the furniture store will probably have a much better selection and knowledge of the item you’re shopping for, whereas, a large super store may only have one or two sofas that are nowhere near what you had in mind, within your mind’s eye. The same holds true for online shopping.

Best Holiday Shopping Websites

Beauty is a fabulous website for professional strength cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, skin care, hair care and fragrances. They are known for excellent customer satisfaction, speedy delivery and quality products. This is where I shop for my beauty products most of the time. I like their professionalism and their user friendly navigation as well as their many customer resources. is a great place to peruse a huge variety of makeup. This site is truly a woman’s dream! Along with beauty products you can also find gifts that adorn (such as jewelry) as well as gifts that conceal (such as Spanx shapewear) which make it a highly versatile website for easy online shopping.

Health and Well Being is a fabulous website for shopping online for those who like more of a one stop shopping experience but have much more versatile needs. The website offers everything from household items to diet and fitness gadgets to products for sexual health. is another great website for diverse and broad range shopping. They offer great prices, lots of incentives and a huge inventory. Whether you want to buy a fabulous toy for a child, a scarf for an elder, or a fragrance for your husband…you will probably find it here…at the corner of Happy and Healthy!

Gifts for your Pet is the site for your all your pet needs. They even have a ginormous pet toy selection making it a great place to make it your one stop shop for Fido! Additionally, they often offer huge savings that are reflected at checkout without even inputting coupon codes.

For Special Occasions is your ticket for choosing the perfect personalized gift. Their gifts are unique and are often emphasized as romantic, intimate, lovely and personal. They offer a number of easy to use shopping tabs, such as, For Him, For Her, Occasion, For the Home and more. You’re going to love this unique one of a kind shopping site.

Electronics and Toys

There are many huge websites for shopping for electronics and toys such as, and of course, These are probably the best ones for big ticket items, but many times you can find smaller electronics and really cool toys at the wider variety websites such as and Shopping the latter two could potentially cut your online shopping time in half…and may save money in additional shipping charges.

We sure hope this “Where to Shop” guide helps to make your holiday shopping a little easier on you this year and wish you all the best this holiday season!
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