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V-Day Prep – Make Yourself Gorgeous for the Big Night

One of the best reasons why Valentine’s Day is so wonderful is because it’s a great time (and excuse/motivator) to give your relationship the boost and attention it really deserves. Relationships are difficult and need tender loving care. That’s why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to up the ante and rock his world! It will help the two of you become closer and help your relationship thrive as well as make you look and feel drop dead gorgeous. Because when you look great…you feel sensational.

So without further ado we bring to you the magnificent Beauty Research V-Day Makeover!

•    Exfoliate from head to toe
•    Give yourself a lovely hydrating facial mask
•    Use a deep treating hair mask as your conditioner
•    Paint those fingers and toes
•    Shave legs and groom bikini area
•    Moisturize your whole body with a lovely scented lotion, cream or balm

•    Plan what you want to wear ahead of time
•    Perfect time to whip out that little black dress and your favorite stilettos
•    If you already have the dress or outfit you plan to wear (such as the little black dress) then spend the extra money on some rockin’ accessories (necklace, bracelet and earrings aren’t too much for this particular night). I like to shop places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx or Ross for my accessories…you can get way more bang for your buck!
•    Be sure you swap out your bag in order to stay on point with matching accessories
•    Ooops…let’s rewind a bit…Buy and put on the cutest bra and panties. He’ll love it and you’ll feel so sexy and look so fabulous (later that is ;))

•    Instead of giving him a traditional gift give him a foot massage…he will absolutely love it
•    Shock him by thinking outside the box for this special night (for instance, if you go to Chinese, try to swap out the fortune with some of your own words, such as what you’re going to do to him later when you get home)
•    Allow him to pamper you
•    Share your gratitude with one another

And most of all…enjoy your lovely night!

Last minute bonus idea for a fabulous, sexy hairstyle....two words..."Hot Rollers"... for oodles of volume!

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