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Beauty Tools Q&A

The skin care industry is advancing at a lightning quick pace. As women are increasingly demanding new ways to address common skin care concerns, the beauty industry is responding by introducing new tools and accessories that make it possible to perform spa quality treatments without leaving your bathroom. Many women are curious about the latest skin care tools, and I receive many questions about some of the latest beauty gadgets and gizmos from readers. Today, I’m going to focus on answering five of these questions, and I have selected ones that I feel could benefit many women.

1. I have seen some anti-cellulite tools for at-home use. How exactly do they work?

Cellulite is an embarrassing problem that can affect women of all shapes and sizes. It occurs when fatty deposits develop under the skin, creating an uneven surface for the tissue to rest on. As a result, the tissue begins to appear wrinkled and dimpled. To treat cellulite, it’s necessary to address the underlying fat. Clinical studies have shown that increasing circulation to the tissue can assist with fat metabolism and lead to a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Anti-cellulite tools are designed to increase blood flow to the skin through massage. There are both manual tools, which you use to knead and rub cellulite-prone areas, and battery-operated and electrical tools, which create vibrations to massage the skin. Both types can be effective when used as directed, particularly if you also begin applying an anti-cellulite cream daily, eat well and get regular exercise.

2. I keep hearing about the Clarisonic but I still haven’t bought one. Is it really worth the hype? What exactly does it do that my wash cloth can’t?

You’re definitely right; the Clarisonic cleansing system is incredibly popular, but it’s not just because there’s such a buzz surrounding it. The Clarisonic cleanser has been clinically shown to remove six times the amount of makeup that a wash cloth can and to remove up to double the amount of impurities and dirt from the skin. The secret to the effectiveness of the cleansers like the compact Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System is their vibrating head, which lifts away debris without irritating the skin. The system can even make some skin care products become more fully absorbed; for example, it enhances the absorption of vitamin C by up to 65 percent.

3. I am considering buying an epilator but am afraid it’s going to hurt. Is the discomfort tolerable? Can I really be hair free for six weeks?

They do say “no pain, no gain,” but few women are willing to suffer through severe pain to gain smooth, silky skin. Fortunately, the pain from an epilator isn’t that excruciating. While everyone has different tolerances to pain, most women say that the discomfort from an epilator is similar to that of waxing although it is more gradual, as the hair is removed more slowly with an epilator. The good news is that the discomfort is worth it. Because the hair is removed root and all and not simply cropped the way it is when you shave or use a depilatory cream, it will take longer to grow back. Most women find that they only need to use their epilators once every 4 to 6 weeks.

4. I am really hitting a wall with my anti-aging topicals. Is there anything else I can do without resorting to surgery?

Depending on the severity of signs of aging, topical products may not be enough to deliver the anti-aging results for which you’re hoping. Fortunately, the NuFace Trinity does provide an alternative to surgery. The NuFace system was developed by a licensed esthetician who observed the benefits of using microcurrent, a weak, safe form of electrical stimulation, on aging complexions. The current helps to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and the production of collagen protein. Approved by the FDA, the NuFace system was shown to significantly improve skin tone in 73 percent of users. It’s so effective that it’s been dubbed, “The Five Minute Facelift” by users and skin care professionals alike.

5. I used to get microdermabrasion treatments at a spa but now as a single mom I just can’t afford them. Is there any way to do it myself at home?

I can understand that you’d miss your microdermabrasion treatments. This type of clinical exfoliating treatment can help to lessen the depth of wrinkles, make skin discoloration less prominent and reduce skin congestion. A number of at-home microdermabrasion systems are now available. While these do have a moderate to high initial cost, they are comparatively much less expensive than regularly visiting a spa for professional microdermabrasion. The efficacy of these systems varies, so be sure to choose one that is backed by clinical studies.

A skin care tool like the Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System – Pink or the NuFace Trinity really can make a difference in the health of your complexion, but the key is to use them consistently and correctly. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your tools completely before use and follow them to the letter. You can browse a nice variety of beauty tools on,, and

Do you have questions about any skin care tools? Feel free to comment or perhaps start a new forum, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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