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Faux Gold – Achieve a Winning Sunless Tan

With all the dangers that can come from sun exposure, women who are concerned about protecting their skin from signs of aging and the development of skin cancer are turning to sunless tanning instead of sunbathing and using tanning beds. If you've never tried using a self-tanner before, you may feel hesitant to purchase one due to concern about the results you'll get. The truth is that today's sunless tanning products are very easy to use, and you can ensure that you get the best possible results by following these tips:

- Do a test run. It's never possible to predict how a sunless tanner will look on your skin until you try it, so it's crucial that you do a small test spot on an inconspicuous part of your body before applying it from head to toe. Choose a place where your skin is light, such as the inside of the top of one of your thighs or the inner portion of your elbow.

- Slough it off. Sunless tanner is more likely to become unevenly absorbed when your skin is dry or rough. This makes it important to exfoliate your face and your body skin with a high quality scrub prior to sunless tanning. For best results, exfoliate in the shower the day before you use your tanner to give your skin time to recover from the friction.

- Start clean. You should always apply sunless tanner to freshly cleansed skin. Just be sure that if you use your self-tanner soon after showering that your skin is thoroughly dry.

- Do your reading. Each sunless tanning product comes with its own set of specific instructions, which was developed based upon the product's testing. Be sure to read the instructions from start to finish and follow the prescribed steps to ensure optimal results.

- Don't forget to wash. After you're finished applying your self-tanner, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. This will help prevent them from becoming too dark (particularly the palms).

- Stay hydrated. To keep your flawless faux gold vibrant for as long as possible, apply a fine quality moisturizer to your face and body daily.

When selecting a sunless tanning formula, keep in mind that darker does not always mean better. If you have fair skin, a light or medium toned formula will likely be adequate to give you a gorgeous golden glow. Still worried about the results? Try a practice application on a Friday evening on a weekend when you have no pressing plans scheduled. This will give you confidence about the using of a self-tanner and have you well prepared for bronzing before your next important evening or event.

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