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Fragrant Oils – The Scented Scoop

There's simply no denying the power of scent. The right fragrance not only makes you more noticeable and attractive to those around you, but it can also lift your spirits. While perfumes are the most commonly used women's fragrance products, fragrant oils are becoming increasingly popular among women, particularly those who are committed to leading more natural lives.

Natural at Heart

Most fragrant oils designed for wearing on the skin are made from essential oils, extracts that are distilled from plants. A wide array of plants can be used for producing fragrant oils, and the herbs and flowers included in formulas can come from a wide variety of sources. For example, the natural skin care company Jurlique produces its fragrant oils from the brand's own organic farm in Australia, while Juara uses extracts from exotic botanicals gathered from locations in Southeast Asia.

A Different Blend

A fragrant oil differs from perfume because of its composition. A perfume may contain natural essential oils just like fragrant oil, but they are combined with liquids to give the formula a light consistency similar to water. By comparison, fragrant oils are heavier and more similar to oil. This is because the essential oils that they contain are combined with an oil base, such as vegetable oil, safflower oil or mineral oil.

Applying Oils

Fragrant oils come in different forms, making them suitable for different uses. Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrant oil is packaged in a bottle topped with a roller ball. This makes it simple to add the fragrance to the pulse points, leaving behind a beautiful scent that comes from 10,000 genuine rose petals. Other fragrant oils are sold in bottles that have open tops. They can be dabbed onto the skin, applied to the fingers and ran through the hair or even added sparingly to bathwater.

Unique Benefits

Using fragrant oil provides some benefits beyond offering a natural scent option for women. Because of their natural ingredients, that can also be gentler on sensitive skin. The oil base also actually helps to soften the skin while leaving behind an appealing fragrance. Fragrant oils like Juara Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil are ideal for summertime, as they are lighter than many heavy perfumes and not likely to overpower the senses on humid days. Many brands produce additional products in matching scents, allowing you to make a fragrance more noticeable. As an example, Juara offers a Tiare Jasmine body lotion, which contains the same beautiful fragrance of jasmine tea, vanilla, amber, violet petals, palm fronds and bamboo.

Fragrant oils make a great addition to any woman's fragrance collection.  Whether you prefer a classic scent like Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrant oil or a more exotic fragrance like Juara Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil, you can enhance your mood and make a memorable impression on those around you with just a dab or two. Check out the great selection of fragrances on,, and

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