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Best Hair Styles – Fall 2013

Stuck in a beauty rut? A simple haircut can make a huge difference in your appearance and make you feel like a new woman. Fall is a season of change with the leaves turning, the temperatures growing cooler and the days becoming shorter. You can make Fall 2013 your season for a big beauty change by trying one of these hot hair styles.

For Short Hair - The pixie is the hot short look for Fall 2013, but this season's pixies have a much more modern look than the vintage version of the cute cut. Go for a pixie that is highly textured and angled instead of soft and smooth. The best thing about the pixie is that it can be cut to flatter every facial type. Asymmetrical pixies can slenderize a rounder face, while ones with longer, sweeping fronts can soften the angles of other face shapes.

For Medium Hair - A to-the-shoulder cut with rounded bangs and soft layers will have you looking glamorous this fall. Bangs are by far the season's hottest hair style trend, and you and your stylist can determine whether a long or short, straight or tapered bang is most flattering for your face. Waves are big for medium-length hair, so consider investing in a high quality set of hot rollers to transform your straight mid-length 'do for special occasions or give up the flat iron to let your natural waves take center stage.

For Long Hair - You don't have to crop off that length you love to get a fresh look for Fall 2013. Adding some feathered layers to your long locks will have you looking hip this season without taking off too much length. Celebrities are wearing this long look both with flowing bangs parted to the side and bang-less, so you can pick the shape that best suits your face.

For a Non-Cut Style - If you simply want to do something different with your hair this fall but don't want a transforming cut, try playing with the hidden braid. Take a small 1 to 3-inch section of hair on the side or in the back and braid it. Use a texturizing spray to give the rest of your locks some subtle waves, and you'll have an easy, trendy look that is very en vogue.

If you're considering a dramatic redo of your 'do, be sure to talk about your decision with your stylist. Bring a picture of your desired style and discuss how suitable the look is for your hair type and facial shape. Your stylist may suggest changes to the cut to make it easier for you to style and more for flattering for your face. By being flexible and having a thorough consultation, you can get the very best haircut to head into Winter 2013 in style.

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