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Top Five Tips for Applying False Lashes

False eyelashes can instantly up your glamor factor and have you feeling gorgeous on a special evening out; however, false eyelashes pose a big risk for a beauty disaster if they are applied improperly. To make sure your experience with false lashes is a dream come true and not a nightmare, follow these simple tips.

1. Cut Them Up. False eyelashes come in a simple, perfect arch in one standard length. Chances are the shape and size of your eyes is not a perfect match for the lashes. Before you even think about applying, trim the lashes for length. Then, cut the strip in half to make it easier to place them along the lash line.

2. Choose Clear Glue.
It's easy to be tempted by black lash glue, as it seems that it would help to accentuate the eyes like mascara. Don't fall for this trap! You'll be glad you went for clear when you accidentally touch the lashes to your lids and don't have a black smear of glue to try and remove before you head out the door.

3. Give It a Rest. Lash glue doesn't reach optimal stickiness the moment that you apply it to the lashes. After you have applied the glue, count slowly to 30 to give it a chance to take effect. Don't wait much longer than 30 seconds, though, as the glue may begin to dry and lose adhesiveness.

4. Drop It Off. To get your lashes perfectly placed, look down into a mirror instead of in front of you. Hold the lashes over top of your natural lashes and drop them on as close to the lash line as you can. Never try to push lashes inward against the lash line. If you do this, you'll end up with two rows of lashes: your natural ones and your false ones, which will be sticking out straight instead of pointing up.

5. Finish with a Pinch. After your false lashes are dropped on, use tweezers to pinch them against your natural lashes, pushing gently toward your lash line in the process. Go slowly, focusing on pinching just one tiny section of the false lash at a time for best results. Don't use your finger to try and push the lashes against your skin.

If you've never tried false lashes before, do a trial run before your special event. The technique requires practice, and it's best not to make your first attempt when you're scrambling to get ready for a big night out.

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