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Best Ways to Boost your Topicals

When you have a hair or skin care concern, topical products are often the best way to begin addressing the problem; however, if you're like many women, you may find that your topical products alone aren't enough to bring the results that you want. In such cases, you can boost the efficacy of your topical products by using beauty tools.
Increasing Absorption of Skin Care Formulas
One of the biggest reasons why skin care formulas fail to produce results is inadequate absorption. The underlying causes of dermatological issues lie beneath the outer layer of your skin, so it's important that your skin care formulas are able to penetrate that layer and reach the tissue that requires nourishment and repair. Studies have found that using a Clarisonic facial cleansing system increases the absorption of skin care products. For example, a clinical trial showed that 30 percent more of vitamin C serums was absorbed after using one of the power cleansers.
Addressing Skin Care Concerns
Many skin care issues can be benefited by smarter cleansing. Power cleansers are now available to address a variety of dermatological issues. An example is the Clarisonic Mia 2 Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution, which deeply cleanses the pores to lessen the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores while minimizing the frequency of acne blemishes.  By finding a cleanser intended for your dermatological concerns, you can address your concerns during cleansing while improving the absorption of the treatment products in your regimen.
Promoting Hair Growth
Hair loss and thinning affects millions of women, and in many cases, topical products like minoxidil and hair loss shampoos are what doctors recommend for addressing female pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss in women. While these formulas can lead to improvements in the appearance of hair growth when applied regularly for long periods of time, using the HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7 can help to hasten the process. The laser comb carries the approval of the FDA for promoting hair growth, and the HairMax 7 was shown to lead to improvements in hair growth in 90 percent of users within 5 months of these clinical trials.
So how can you tell if you need a boost from a beauty tool? If you've been using topical skin or hair care products for more than a month and haven't seen results, it's likely that a beauty tool could be of benefit to you. Similarly, if you initially saw desirable outcomes, but are no longer noticing further progress, a beauty tool is likely to help you push past the plateau. You may also want to try a beauty tool before resorting to a clinical treatment, as even the highest quality tools are generally less expensive than plastic surgery, hair transplants and other clinical procedures. You can find many of the best skin and hair care and other beauty power tool and device brands such as Clarisonic and HairMax LaserComb online at many major skin care and beauty websites such as,, and

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