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Supplements for the Holiday Season

As you're gearing up for the holiday season, you have a lot of things to think about, but as you work out your shopping list, keep track of your social calendar and plan your holiday dinners, it's important not to forget about your health and appearance. The holiday season is an ideal time to begin on a supplement regimen to help ensure that your body has everything that it needs to thrive. Read on for supplement recommendations for common holiday season health and beauty goals.
1. For Your New Year’s Beauty Resolution - The holiday season is a time for crafting our New Year’s resolutions, and if yours is to get serious about skin care and finally do something about those lines and wrinkles, the right dietary supplement can likely help. The Jan Marini C-ESTAMINS supplement helps to support the repair and manufacturing of connective tissue to reinforce the skin, softening the appearance of lines and making the complexion less likely to wrinkle in the future. The key ingredient used in the supplement, BioCell Collagen II, is also found in the C-ESTA collection of topical products from Jan Marini for addressing the causes of wrinkles both outwardly and inwardly.
2. For Keeping Your Diet Balanced - The holidays are full of many things, including joy and beauty, but one thing it's short on is healthy dining options. With attending holiday parties, eating out in celebration of the holidays and keeping a packed holiday schedule, you may have a hard time eating right throughout the season. By using a complete supplement regimen like the Perricone MD Skin and Total Body Dietary Supplements, you can ensure that your body has everything that it requires to help you look and feel your best. This supplement system is easy to start during the holidays because it comes in pre-dosed packets that you simply open and take on a daily basis.
3. For Fighting Winter Skin - The cold winter weather of the holiday season combined with frequent trips out of the house to shop and attend holiday events can add up to dry winter skin. While using a moisturizer can help you to replenish lost moisture to fight signs of dryness, the right supplement can also help to keep your skin's hydration levels regulated. Several studies, including one conducted in the United Kingdom in 2007 found that essential fatty acid supplements minimized the risk of dry skin. Many supplement collections, including Perricone MD, carry omega 3 and other fatty acid supplements that are perfect for starting during the holidays.
4. For Strengthening Your Immune System - You don't want to end up sidelined by a cold in the middle of the holiday season. Using a vitamin C supplement like the one in the Perricone MD collection can help you to support your immune system to help it most efficiently fight germs that you encounter during the holidays. As an added benefit, vitamin C provides antioxidant protection, which can minimize the harmful effects of free radicals that cause the skin to age.
Before beginning any dietary supplement this holiday season, be sure to consult your doctor. While supplements are generally safe for most people, having a medical condition or taking a medication could mean that a certain supplement is not suitable for your body.  If it turns out you are indeed an ideal candidate for certain supplements, you can find many quality brands such as Jan Marini and Perricone MD at major beauty and skin care websites such as,, and

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