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Top Five Steps to Complexion Perfection

No one wakes up in the morning looking flawless, but you can get a flawless look in a hurry. With the right cosmetics products, all it takes is a few steps to get your skin looking perfect, so that you're ready to head out the door.
1. Prime and Perfect. Before you reach for any of your cosmetics, prepare your skin to be an ideal canvas with a high quality primer like The Supernatural Primer from Philosophy. Cosmetic primer will help to refine your pores, so that your makeup adheres evenly and does not dilute as quickly during the day.

2. Correct. Once your primer is in place, you're ready to give your entire complexion a correcting layer of foundation. By choosing a product like Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Foundation - Medium, you can simultaneously give the illusion of even skin tone while firming the skin with a blend of peptides and neuropeptides. This will actually help to minimize the prominence of signs of aging with regular use. Liquid foundation like this one from Peter Thomas Roth should be applied with a foundation brush that features synthetic bristles. Place the foundation on in dots and then smooth it into place, being careful to blend around the jaw, hairline and nose.
3. Conceal. After you have applied your foundation, use a high quality concealer to cover any imperfections that remain visible. Be sure to choose a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation, or opt for a foundation that can double as a concealer like Philosophy Supernatural Air Brushed Canvas SPF Natural Ivory. Use a flat, narrow concealer brush with a rounded edge and dot on the concealer directly to the imperfections, blending with a bullet or oval sponge.
4. Contour. By now, your skin should look even in tone and imperfections should be difficult to spot, but you may not be looking flawless quite yet. You'll need to apply foundation to your cheekbones, bronzer in a thin line beneath them and highlighter just above them to give your cheeks the perfect glow. Also, sweep the bronzer along the sides of your nose and along your jaw and hairlines and give yourself a burst of illumination by applying your highlighter above your brows and on the point of your chin.
5. Set. With your concealer now covering those tiny flaws, you're ready to set your makeup with powder. Translucent is best for Caucasian women who are not yet faced with many signs of aging. Try a shimmering translucent formula to give mature Caucasian skin a healthy glow, or use pigmented powder for darker skin to avoid washing out natural undertones.
When you're selecting your cosmetics, you don't need to confine yourself all inclusive to one brand. In fact, you'll likely get the best results if you choose the best formulas from a variety of well-known skin care and cosmetic lines, so do some research and find the perfect options for your complexion. Quality makeup and skin care brands such as Philosophy and Peter Thomas Roth can be found at many major skin care and beauty websites such as,, and

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