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Gentle Care for Fragile Hair

Fragile hair presents many challenges that can have you cringing every time you look in the mirror or pick up your comb. Prone to breakage and likely to become frizzy in humid conditions, fragile tresses need a customized hair care routine to look their best and make it easier for you to style. Follow these tips to ensure you're taking the best possible care of your fragile locks.
1. Choose the right daily shampoo. Shampooing is important to maintaining hair health, but if your tresses are delicate, you need to select a daily shampoo that contains gentle ingredients. Select a product designed for your hair type for best results. For example, you could use ARCONA Green Tea Cleansing Base Shampoo if your hair is prone to being oily. This product is free of sulfates and contains a gentle blend of natural ingredients that are effective at cleansing but gentle to the hair.
2. Condition well. Delicate hair must remain well hydrated. If you allow your fragile strands to become brittle and dry, they will be much more prone to breakage. By using a deep conditioner on a regular basis, you can help ensure that your locks stay lusciously hydrated. Try a gentle, natural formula like the Herbal Deep Conditioner from ARCONA to give your hair all of the nutrients that you need without any of the chemicals that you need to avoid.
3. Treat, treat, and treat. Hair that is prone to breakage requires regular treatments to improve its strength and its appearance. You can start off your treatment regimen with the PrX Reparatives 3-Day Transformation from Frederic Fekkai to get your hair quickly on the path to recovery. Then, use the Frederic Fekkai PrX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Mask once per week to continue to strengthen your tresses.
4. Style with care. If you have fragile hair, you need to show it tender loving care every time that you style. Before using any type of thermal styling tool, apply a thermal protector spray. Never try to brush your hair when it is wet, and use a detangler or comb through a tiny dollop of leave-in conditioner to remove tangles without having to pull. Be careful with chemical treatments, as perms, hair coloring and some types of straightening treatments can lead to damage. Don't have touch-ups performed more frequently than recommended and take a break from chemicals if your hair becomes overly dry and brittle.
The key to keeping delicate hair healthy and to reducing breakage is sticking to your repairing and moisturizing hair care regimen. Do careful research to find the best products for your needs and then continue using them, even after you begin to see results. You can find quality nourishing and repairing hair care brands such as ARCONA and Frederic Fekkai online at many major beauty web sites such as,, and

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