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Snoods and Scarves - The Perfect Winter Accessory

Winter weather can be distressing when temperatures are frigid, and you find yourself shivering within just a few seconds of going outdoors. Still, the grey skies, high winds and snow do give you an excuse to add fashionable winter accessories to your wardrobe. While you may still be glad when spring arrives and temperatures begin to climb, you can heat up the winter months with this year's stylish snoods and scarves.
The Difference Between a Snood and a Scarf
Not even sure what a snood is? You're not alone. Although this winter accessory has been around for years, it is only now really gaining popularity. The modern definition of a snood is a large, full scarf that is shaped like a circle and large enough to cover your head. Scarves by definition are straight, rectangular or square pieces; however, there is a newer look called an infinity scarf that is circular. The difference between these scarves and snoods is that the infinity doesn't have the extra fabric for serving as a hood and a scarf at the same time.
Choosing a Snood Versus a Scarf
When it's very cold outside, you may find that a snood is more suitable to the weather because it offers more warmth. Snoods are great for those days when you absolutely need to have your head covered because of the weather but you don't want to mess up your hair. If you're looking for an accessory that you can wear throughout your day with your outfit as well as when you're outside, a scarf may be the better choice, as it's lighter in weight and not as bulky around the neck. One other factor to consider is how skilled you are at scarf tying with attractive knots. You may want to opt for an infinity scarf or a snood if you never seem to have success with tying a scarf evenly.
Is your wardrobe sadly snood-less and devoid of scarves this season? If you're building a collection of these winter accessories from scratch, start by selecting styles in neutral colors that will coordinate with anything. You may also want to check out thrift stores for gently used, more colorful creations to add some variety. Snoods and scarves are accessories that remain stylish year after year. As a result, you can add to your wardrobe little by little each year. Also, be sure to hit up the winter clearance sales to get some pieces for the next winter season at deep discounts!

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