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Clarifying Solutions for Men

Oily skin can be a major problem for men and result in many unpleasant problems, including acne, blackheads and greasiness. While women can also develop oily skin, the problem can be more difficult for men to address because few guys want to spend a lot of time using a complicated skin care routine to overcome oiliness. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to help clarify or reduce the oil content of men's skin. Read on to discover four of the best ways to deal with the problem.
1. Oil-controlling cleansers. Cleansing is one of the most important things that men can do to address oily skin. Many men make the mistake of only washing their faces in the shower, which can allow extra oil to build up on the skin. You should always wash your face twice per day, using an oil-controlling cleanser like the ones found in the Gly Sal collection from Topix. This will help to reduce the amount of oil on the surface of your skin while helping to purify your pores.
2. Post-shave clarifiers.
After shaving, your pores are very susceptible to becoming clogged due to cellular debris that has been loosened by your razor, shaving lubricant that may be left behind on your skin and swelling due to irritation. Applying a clarifying post-shave treatment like Kerstin Florian MEN Clarifying Raspberry Extract can help to keep the pores clear while reducing inflammation and razor bumps. This formula provides benefits with natural ingredients like rose oil and raspberry, making it extra gentle on the skin.
3. Toner and astringent combos. Toning is essential for oily skin, as it helps to keep the tissue pH-balanced, so that oil production can occur at ideal rates. Using an astringent, a product that helps to minimize pore size and remove blockages, can also be beneficial for men who are prone to skin congestion. Some products, such as Topix Gly Sal 10-2 Pads, combine the benefits of both a toner and an astringent into one formula to keep men's skin care routines simple. These handy, single-use pads should be used after each cleansing.
4. Treatments. When oily skin symptoms persist even after adding a cleanser, a post-shave product and a toner-astringent, men may need to invest in treatment products for oily skin. These products use more powerful blends of ingredients to loosen debris from the pores and normalize rates of oil production. Options include creams like the Clarifying Sorbier Creme from Kerstin Florian and gels like the Clarifying Spirulina Cleansing Gel also offered by the brand. Treatments are applied once or twice daily, depending on the product.
Some men only experience oiliness during the warm weather months and may be more prone to dryness in the winter. If you begin to notice your skin becoming dry, rough or flaky, you may want to discontinue some of the treatment products that you're using. Should symptoms still persist, you may want to switch to products for normal or combination skin during the winter.

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