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Lolo Jones – Olympic Beauty Goes Sledding

Lolo Jones is an example of a woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. The Olympic athlete was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and currently makes her home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A ravishing beauty, Lolo is charming in interviews and very candid when she discusses her personal life. Whether you've been cheering her on since she made her first Olympic appearance or are just meeting her for the first time, Lolo is one to watch at the Sochi Olympic Games.
Summer Olympic History
If Lolo's name is familiar to you, you likely recall her appearances at the summer Olympics games, where she has competed in track and field. At the 2008 games in Beijing, she was the leader during the women's 100-meter hurdles, but on the second to the last hurdle, she fell and ended up coming in seventh place. In London in 2012, she came in fourth, helping the U.S. secure three of the top four spots in the 100-meter hurdles.
A Winter Sports Passion
While Lolo is most well known as a summer track and field athlete, she has always held a passion for bobsledding. She is a pusher, the person who is responsible for braking as the sled travels down the track. Pushing requires tremendous physical strength, and Lolo has reportedly been working hard to bulk up for the Sochi games, eating as many as 9,000 calories per day. In 2012 at the Lake Placid World Cup and 2013 at the Park City World Cup for bobsledding, her sleds earned Silver Medals. This year, she once more won the Silver at a World Cup event in Ingls, Austria. She previously won a Gold Medal at the FIBT World Championships, another prestigious winter games event.
Champion in the Making
Lolo has made the U.S. Women's Bobsledding team for the Sochi games, but the big question is, will she get to take to the track? Only three pushers will be able to compete in the games. When she qualified for the team, she came in fifth, but her recent wins and diligent training have led many to speculate that she will end up in one of the American sleds.
Stay tuned to the Winter Olympics this February to see if Lolo will get her chance to compete in her first winter games. Even if she does not get the opportunity, the 31-year-old beauty's determination certainly make her an American champion.

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