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Fabulous Fragrance from Head to Toe

Fabulous Fragrance from Head to Toe

Many women don't consider fragrance to be a must when it comes to beauty, but the power of scent really can transform your appearance. You feel your best when you smell your best and that lets your personality shine. Plus, the right fragrance makes you subtly more appealing to others, which can actually change their perception of how you look. To unleash the power of fragrance in your beauty routine, check out these ways of getting scent from head to toe.
Punctuate Your Pulse Points
If you really want traditional perfume to last and stand out, dab it onto your pulse points, which include the insides of your wrists and elbows, the contours on the sides of your throat, behind your ears, between your breasts and behind your knees. You don't need to apply to every point. Just pick two or three. Your pulse points are some of the warmest spots on your body, and the heat that they produce releases fragrance molecules to make your perfume noticeable.
Product to Try: Philosophy Inner Grace Eau de Parfum is a wonderful, light fragrance that combines top notes of lavender, bergamot, orange and rosewood with patchouli, orchid, musk, cedar and amber. It's an uplifting scent that will have you feeling energized all day. Plus, all of the profits from the sale of the fragrance go to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.
Freshen Up Your Locks
Your locks have the ability to absorb fragrance molecules and add to your overall scent all day. When you choose a perfumed shampoo with a scent that complements your signature perfume, you can amplify its effects and feel pretty all day long.
Product to Try: Philosophy offers an Inner Grace Perfumed Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel that will let you intensify the pleasing scent of their Inner Grace perfume by leaving both your hair and your skin with its faint bouquet. Like those from the fragrance, profits from the product's sales are donated to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.
Help Your Hands
The skin of the hands often becomes dry even when the rest of the body skin isn't showing signs of dehydration. This is particularly true during the winter months, making this the perfect season to start using a nourishing hand cream with a pleasing fragrance. Look for one that contains natural ingredients to avoid irritating inflamed skin.
Product to Try: The Aroma Confort Nourishing and Soothing Hand Cream from Decleor pampers the hands and softens with shea butter while leaving a thin layer of dimethicone behind to protect the hands all day. The natural formula has a wonderful smell due to its mix of herbs, which include meadowfoam, parsley, uva ursi and weld.
Scent Your Troubled Skin
If your skin is showing signs of dryness and stress, soothe and nourish it with a toner that is scented to delight the senses. Toners help to readjust the pH levels of the skin to encourage normal oil production, and they provide a burst of moisture without any greasiness.
Product to Try: Decleor Arome Tonic Tonifying Body Treatment Fragrance features a lovely fragrance and natural ingredients like bisabolol that calm the skin.
Of course, there are many other ways to add fragrance to your life, including foot treatments, body powders and solid perfumes. The key is to choose products that will help you meet your skin care goals while leaving behind wonderful fragrances. Then, choose a signature scent and a shampoo that complements it for wonderful results. You can find a wide variety of fragrance items from,, and

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