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Winning Skin Care Combinations

There's a reason why healthy skin care requires a regimen. It takes a mix of nutrients and moisturizers to keep the skin at its best, so it's not enough to just slather on one product if you want truly healthy skin. Some combinations offer superior benefits, making them extra beneficial additions to a winning daily routine. Here are a few winning beauty combinations:
- Antioxidant Team-Up - SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic gives you a combination of antioxidants in one highly effective serum. Vitamins C and E both have the ability to protect the skin from free radicals, the particles that can damage your cells and cause signs of aging to develop. The product has been shown to be more effective than standalone antioxidant serums, offering 8 times as much photo protection. Vitamin C also encourages the skin to produce collagen to firm aging skin, while vitamin E is a natural skin conditioner. SkinCeuticals offers the serum on its own and with their Hydrating B5 Gel in money-saving two-pack. This product increases the effectiveness of the antioxidant formula while rehydrating parched skin.
- Pore Minimizing Match - Enlarged pores are signs of skin congestion, blockages that have developed inside of their openings. As the skin ages, it becomes more prone to enlarged pores, as reduced skin elasticity makes the tissue more likely to stretch when clogs start to form. The Clarisonic Mia 2 Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution set contains a pair of products that work together to address enlarged pores perfectly. First, there is a Clarisonic power cleanser, which is 6 times better at removing debris from the surface of the skin and the pores than cleansing with the hands alone. It can greatly diminish how much grime enters the pores and removes some of what has already accumulated. The set also includes a Deep Pore Cleanser specially formulated to dissolve blockages. The combination of the two products is shown to diminish pore size by as much as 25 percent with just one use.
- Eye Anti-Aging Duo - The eye area is prone to dark circles, crow's feet and puffiness, and it can be difficult to address even one of these problems let alone multiple under eye dermatological concerns. Clarisonic has a powerful pairing for signs of aging, darkness and puffiness around the eyes. Called the Opal System, this device massages the skin 7500 times per minute, stimulating circulation to the tissue. A sea mineral gel is provided to nourish the skin as well. The two products are shown to improve the elasticity of skin in 4 weeks and to brighten the tissue and alleviate puffiness within 8 weeks.
There you have it--three winning beauty combinations for your complexion. Remember that it takes regular daily use of even the most effective of pairings to deliver results, so stick to your healthy beauty routine once you get started and enjoy the incredible outcomes.

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