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Fashionable Heads – Warm but Flattering Winter Hats

Keeping your head covered in the wintertime is important if you want to stay toasty and warm. While it's not true that your body loses the most heat from your head, chilly temperatures can be dangerous for any exposed skin, so the protection of a hat is always advisable. To pick the most flattering, beautiful hat this winter season, find your face shape on the list below and follow the tips provided!
- For a heart shape face, you want a look that will not add too much width to the top of your head. Instead, look for a hat with a narrow brim like a floppy wool hat, a bucket hat or a classic beanie that is big enough to pull down far over the ears. Both of these styles will help to balance the proportions of your face. The worst choice for your face shape is the fedora with its extra wide, high brim, which will increase the size of your forehead.
- For a round face, the goal should be to not add additional width to the sides of your face. Instead, pick styles like the wool floppy or the fedora, which increase the size of the jawline or the forehead. A wool baseball cap or a knitted newsboy can also be flattering, as the sharp angles of the rim will contrast with the round contours of your face. Any hat that hides your forehead too much and reduces its length like a wooly cossack or a wool pill box is not a flattering look for you.
- For a square face, you want to choose a hat that won't add width to the middle of your face and that will help to soften the angular shape of your jaw. A fedora worn tipped back or a vintage cloche can look very chic with a square face. The soft lines of a floppy hat or a beanie will also complement the angular look of your jaw. A boater hat or a baseball cap is a less ideal choice because of its sharper lines.
- For an oval face, look for a hat that partially covers your forehead and decreases the length of your face. The shape of the hat is not as important, so a floppy hat, a boater, a baseball cap, a beanie or a cossack can all look wonderful on you. A fedora sits very high on the head and is not as good of a choice.
In addition to the shape of the hat, you should also take into consideration the color. Pick hues that bring out your skin's natural undertones, wearing warmer tones if you have golden or peachy skin and cooler ones if your skin is pinker or has violet undertones. Selecting a shade with a sharp contrast to the color of your hair will also create a gorgeous effect.

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