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Best Ways to Cover Facial Flaws

It doesn't matter if they are prominent or barely there; when you have flaws on your complexion that you notice, your self-confidence and self-esteem can be affected. With the advances in beauty cosmetics products, it's now easier than ever to conceal flaws and restore your confidence by giving you the illusion of a flawless face.
Very Prominent Imperfections
If you have imperfections like dark birthmarks, port wine stains, vitiligo, scars or burns, look for a full coverage foundation that you can use all over your complexion and as a spot concealer. Dermablend Cover Creme True Beige is an excellent choice as it is completely opaque but still very light in weight and comfortable to wear. The product remains vibrant for up to 12 hours without any need to reapply. To use, place a small amount in the lid and swirl a foundation brush around on the makeup until it is soft. Then apply all over the complexion, blending along the jaw, nose and the sides of the face with a sponge or your fingertips. Then, apply extra with a concealer brush to fully conceal problem spots.
All Over Correction
For an uneven skin tone and minor flaws, mineral makeup can be an ideal correcting beauty solution. Powdered mineral makeup is translucent, so it is capable of covering up imperfections and promoting a more even appearing skin tone without completely hiding the skin's natural undertones. The bareMinerals Get Started Kit - Medium provides all of the basic facial essentials to get you started with mineral makeup. Use the included face brush to apply the hue in the kit that is closest to your complexion’s complete skin tone. Be sure to tap the brush first to get off any excess pigments. Then, use the concealer brush to apply extra coverage to areas of imperfections. Finish with the full face brush by dusting on the included mineral veil to set the makeup.
Shadows of All Kinds
Whether you have shadowy creases around your mouth or nose or dark circles under your eyes, the best way to conceal them is with a brightening product. Dermablend makes a Quick Fix Illuminator that is very easy to use. Just take off the cap and dot the illuminator directly inside the actual crease or at the corners of the eyes. Blend gently with your fingers, making a patting motion until the illuminator is well distributed. Apply another coat if needed to sufficiently lighten shadows.
Blemish Camo
Acne blemishes can be extra difficult to cover, as you don't want to irritate the pimple or further clog the pore. A medicated or therapeutic concealer made especially for acne is the ideal choice. bareMinerals offers a Skincare Blemish Therapy kit that contains a sulfur-enriched concealer. Natural sulfur is shown to help accelerate the disappearance of blemishes by pulling oil out of the infected pore. The pigments also make the blemish less noticeable, particularly when you finish with a touch of mineral foundation applied with a concealer brush. The blemish therapy kit includes its own applicator brush made especially for acne.
While cosmetics can be used to cover up imperfections, you can take steps to diminish the look of many flaws. Spend time researching both clinical and topical beauty products for your concerns for solutions that could help to permanently minimize those imperfections.
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