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Shaving Tips for the Guys

You rely on your daily shaving ritual to keep your face feeling smooth and touch-ably soft, but all too often, the razor leaves behind irritation that detracts from the appearance of your complexion and can prove very uncomfortable. To get better results when you shave, follow these tips:
1. Prepare Your Beard. Facial hair is naturally tough and rugged, and if you don't take steps to ready your beard for shaving, you'll need to exert more pressure with the razor, which increases your risk of irritation. Always shower prior to shaving, as the steam and heat from the water will naturally soften the growth and make it easier to whisk away. If your beard is very thick, applying pre-shave oil can further ready it for the razor.
2. Cleanse and Lubricate. When your beard is freshly cleansed, your razor will be able to produce the optimal amount of friction to lift and cut the hair. After cleansing, apply a shaving cream that provides a full lather without completely covering the beard. You want to be able to still faintly see the hair, so that you can properly move the razor as you shave. Murad Man Cleansing Shave is an ideal product for your shaving regimen because it functions as both a facial cleanser and a lightweight but effective shaving lubricant.
3. Use the Right Technique. As you shave, you should go against the growth of your hair. Making smaller passes with the razor will allow better control and reduce the risk of nicks and cuts. On curved areas like your jaw, turn your head and apply gentle pressure to your skin to pull it tauter and help the razor move freely. Don't push hard with the razor blade. Keep your touch light and let the blades do the cutting instead of trying to force the facial hair against the blades.
4. Soothe and Condition. After you have rinsed off your shaving lather, apply a post shave treatment that clarifies the pores and restores moisture to the skin. This will help to address redness and reduce your risk of razor bumps. Kerstin Florian MEN Clarifying Raspberry Extract is a treatment made specifically for men to use after shaving. The formula from Kerstin Florian contains rose oil to increase oxygen levels in the skin to promote healing and raspberry extract, which soothes and offers antioxidant protection.
5. Treat as Needed. When you do develop a case of razor burn, take steps to remedy it by using a product that opens the pores and fights bacteria. Razor Burn Rescue from Murad Man is one such product and uses glycolic acid to open the pores and tea tree oil to eliminate microbes from the skin.
If you still experience irritation from your razor even after following these tips, you may want to consider switching to an electric razor. While you may not get as close of a shave as you do with a traditional blade razor, the reduced friction will be gentler to your sensitive skin. You can find products and brands for shaving such as Murad Men and Kerstin Florian MEN at many major beauty and skin care websites such as,, and

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