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Robin Wright - From Princess Bride to House of Cards Diva

Actress Robin Wright is part of what helped make the Netflix Original Series "House of Cards" such a success. On the show, she plays Claire Underwood, who became the First Lady of the United States at the end of Season Two. For her amazing performances on the show, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama in 2013, and the critics continue to rave about what she brings to the screen.
If you feel like you've seen Robin before she ever lit up the screen on House of Cards, you probably have. She has had a long career and played many memorable roles. Here's a look back on some of them and some facts about Robin of which you might not be aware:
- Robin was born in Dallas, Texas, and is 47 years old. When she was a child, her parents moved the family to San Diego, where she was raised. She was married to actor Sean Penn for 14 years, and during their marriage, she went by "Robin Wright Penn."
- After finishing high school, Robin was bitten by the acting bug, but she didn't get her big break immediately. In fact, she held many different jobs, the first of which was in a boutique. Her career as a salesperson didn't last long; Robin explained that she was fired for telling a customer they didn't look good in something.
- In 1984, Robin landed a role as Kelly Capwell on the soap opera "Santa Barbara." She played the character for 4 years, appearing in more than 450 episodes.
- Robin starred as Princess Buttercup in the 1987 movie "The Princess Bride." The movie has a cult following to this day and is beloved for its romantic, fairy tale story.
- Robin played Jenny to Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump in the 1994 film, which won the Oscar for Best Picture. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance.
- To keep in shape, Robin does yoga and a strict strength-training regimen.
- When asked to describe her style, Robin says that she has classic taste, preferring brands like Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Her favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5.
- Although her slender figure might make you think otherwise, Robin loves to eat. She has stated that eating soft-shell crab is one of the best things about shooting "House of Cards" in Baltimore and that she has an addiction to In-N-Out Burger.
Season Three of "House of Cards" has yet to begin shooting, but it should debut sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. That gives you plenty of time to get caught up on the Netflix series and see Robin in action!
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