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Spring Cleaning - Tips for Organizing your Beauty Supplies

Planning to kick off spring with some cleaning? Don't stop short at your makeup bag or drawer. Start the season off by getting your beauty products organized, and you'll have an easier time completing your routine throughout the spring, into summer and beyond. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:
1. Be in the Clear. A clear counter top makeup organizer is a great choice for organizing beauty supplies. When you can see what's inside without having to open drawers, you can find your cosmetics and other essentials much more quickly.
2. Divide and Conquer. Prefer in-the-drawer storage as opposed to stowing on the counter top? Purchase a drawer organizer to keep beauty items separated and neatly contained. You can also use small boxes to achieve the same results.
3. Wall Mount It. If you're really short on storage space but have a blank wall, make your own wall-mounted rack. Buy stick on Velcro dots, placing one side on the backs of your products and one side on the wall. Not only will you have your products within easy reach at your fingertips, but you'll also have a colorful makeup collage.
4. Dot It. To keep nail polish organized, label the lids, so that you can see what shades are from above at a glance. Use a cotton swab to dip in the polish and make a dot on the top of the lid. Let it dry, and you'll be able to tell which hue is which with ease.
5. Think Occasion. Separate your beauty products into everyday and special occasion storage locations. Keep the items that you use every single day as easily accessible as possible. Then, divide the rest of your products into semi-frequent and infrequent use and store accordingly.
6. Keep it upright. Keeping lip pencils, eye pencils and makeup brushes standing up in a small vase, a juice glass or a round plastic container will take up less space on a counter top and make it easy to find the product or tool that you need quickly.
7. Give Yourself Some Space. If your beauty product collection is huge, purchase a freestanding cabinet or tower on wheels. This will give you the most room to organize.
8. Purge as you organize. As you get your organization system into place, throw out any old products or products that aren't in good condition. No sense finding a place for something that should just be thrown away!
When you're determining how to fill your organizer, pick a system that makes sense to you. Sort by color, by makeup look, by product type--whatever is a logical arrangement that will be easy for you to remember and maintain. There is no one right way to organize beauty products. There is simply one best way for you!

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