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Famke Janssen - Dutch Beauty Extraordinaire

At the age of 49, Dutch-American actress Famke Janssen is simply stunning. She's also as smart as she is gorgeous, having studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. An avid writer and a lover of literature, Famke has appeared in many successful movies, including the "X-Men" Series. Not only can you enjoy Famke's appearances on the screen, but you can also take some beauty lessons from her and look red carpet ready every day by following four tips.
1. Get Inspired by Her Views on Aging - In interviews, Famke opens up about the pressures of staying youthful in Hollywood. She has revealed that she wishes to let her skin age naturally, yet gracefully by using anti-aging topical products to fight the aging process as much as possible. Her belief is that a woman shouldn't have to resort to plastic surgery or dermatological interventions to try to be wrinkle-free.
2. Find a Diet That Works for You Like She Did - Many women struggle to find the perfect diet and end up experimenting with all kinds of different deprivation eating plans that just don't work for them. Due to her love of animals, Famke is a vegan, meaning she eats no meat or any products that come from animals like eggs and dairy. This diet works for her and fits into her lifestyle. You should look for one that does the same. If you love meat, don't opt for a vegan diet, or if you love pasta, don't try to go low carb. Find a sensible eating plan that provides key nutrients and meets your calorie needs and then stick to it.
3. Take Famke's Cue When It Comes to the Sun. - On sunny days, Famke has been photographed carrying a parasol to shield her skin from the sun. While you may not want to use an umbrella every day of the year, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis can help protect your skin from UV, the leading cause of premature signs of aging.
4. Steal Her Style. - Famke has a feminine sense of style, and she always looks flawless when photographed whether on the streets or at events. You can steal her style by combining feminine flourishes with less fancy pieces. For example, at the Yves Saint Laurent opening in 2003, Famke wore a silk tank with lace under a very simple black blazer with dark wash jeans. She's also been known to pair ruffled dresses with edgier metal studded handbags and dresses with flower embellishments with simple gladiator sandals. When you're going for the girlie style, be sure to balance it out the way Famke does to look chic from head to toe.
You can currently see Famke on the Netflix series "Hemlock Grove." This year, she has three movies premiering: "The Being Experience" with Terence Howard, "A Fighting Man" with Dominic Purcell and "Held." Keep an eye out for these films to see more of this Dutch beauty in action.

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