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March Hair - Serious Scalp Treatments

With spring arriving this month, it's nature's time for new beginnings. If you're suffering from a hair care problem, the season can be a new beginning for your tresses, too. By starting on a regimen that includes a scalp treatment geared toward your concern, you can make big improvements in the health of your hair and scalp and start the summer with locks that you'll love to show off.
Here are four great treatments, one for each of the four biggest hair and scalp problems:
For Thinning Hair
Thinning hair is a very common problem for women, affecting roughly 3 million ladies in the United States. The first step toward dealing with thinning hair is talking to your doctor to find out the cause. If he or she determines that the thinning is related to androgenic alopecia, the response to a shock to your body like an illness or weight loss or age, Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Root and Scalp Stimulator can help you promote thicker hair growth. This formula helps to remove the build-up of hormones, oil and hair products that clog the follicles and lead to narrower hair growth. The treatment also contains a growth-stimulating Red Clover Growth Complex to nourish the scalp.
For Dry Scalps
If your scalp is dry and flaky and your hair is parched and prone to frizz, using a moisturizing scalp treatment on a regular basis can address both your scalp and hair concerns. The BAMBOO Smooth Kendi-Intense Moisture Masque from Alterna uses organic kendi oil to rehydrate the scalp skin and the tresses. After just one use, your hair will be more manageable, and if you chemically color your hair, you'll love how the Color Hold Technology developed by Alterna helps your hair resist fading.
For Mature Hair
As you age, your hair may become less lustrous and increasingly limp. Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum is developed specifically for mature hair and provides a blend of nutrients to the scalp to help fight free radicals that contribute to aging. With regular use, you'll notice improved volume and stronger, silkier strands, regardless of your age.
For Scalp Acne
Blemishes on the scalp may not affect your hair, but they can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable beauty woe. Dealing with scalp acne can be difficult, as it's not always easy to apply topical products through your hair. The All Over Blemish Solution from Dr. Dennis Gross is a lightweight fluid that you can apply directly to blemishes with a cotton swab. The formula helps to normalize oil production and loosens blockages while speeding up the disappearance of blemishes by fighting bacteria.
These are just some of the remarkable scalp treatments available from top hair and skin care brands. If you have a different hair care concern, do some research to find the ideal scalp treatment to give your hair a new beginning this spring. You can find quality professional brands like Alterna and Dr. Dennis Gross at many major skin care and beauty web sites such as,, and

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