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Harvests of Wonder - Natural Fruity Skin Care Formulas

Fruit is one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet, providing fiber and an array of vitamins and minerals that your body requires to remain in good health. Because fruit is so rich in essential nutrients, its extracts can also offer benefits for the skin when used topically. If you want your skin to benefit from the best of what fruit extracts have to offer, there are a number of natural beauty products on the market that you can use. Read on to discover some of the most effective fruit-based products for various concerns on the market today.
Pore-Refining Berries
Enlarged pores are a very common skin care problem, particularly for mature skin. The problem develops when blockages in the pores cause their openings to stretch, and skin that has lost elasticity due to the aging process is far more likely to become plagued by oversized pores, as the tissue lacks the strength to keep the pores tight. ARCONA Cranberry Gommage uses natural cranberries with salicylic acid, sucrose and minerals sourced from volcanic ash to open the pores. By removing blockages and refining the pores, the formula can gradually diminish the appearance of visible pores on the nose, forehead and chin and is ideal for normal to oily skin types.
Acne-Fighting Fruits
Like enlarged pores, acne blemishes develop when the pores become congested. To successfully address acne, you must not only take steps to help existing blemishes heal but also to remove debris from the pores to decrease the likelihood of breakouts popping up in the future. The Raspberry Clarifying Bar from ARCONA is formulated to do just that. Its raspberry extracts work with salicylic acid to dissolve debris that is contributing to skin congestion. Plus, raspberries are natural antibacterial agents that help to fight the bacteria that can worsen acne.
Anti-Aging Antioxidants
Antioxidants are nutrients found in many fruits that have the ability to lessen the damage caused by free radicals, the particles found in ultraviolet radiation and pollutants that damage cells and play a major role in the formation of wrinkles. Wine grapes provide very potent doses of antioxidants, and Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream combines three proprietary ingredients made from wine grapes to give anti-aging protection to the skin. The formula also helps to rejuvenate the skin tissue and can reduce the prominence of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.
Refreshing Grapes
If your skin feels tight during the day, giving it a touch of lightweight moisture can help to revive and refresh it. Grape Harvest Water from Caudalie Paris contains organic grape water that is produced when grapes are harvested from the brand's private vineyard. The refreshing spray helps to ease discomfort and can soothe irritation with its light mist.
These are just some of the fruit-based natural products available from luxury skin care brands that you may wish to add to your regimen. Do some research of your own to discover other solutions that use the good of the harvest to improve the health of your skin. You can find quality natural brands like ARCONA and Caudalie at many major beauty and skin care websites such as,, and

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