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Multi-Faceted Wedge – Stylish and Versatile Sandals

If you want to look fashionable all the way to your toes this spring and summer, add a pair of wedges to your outfit! Wedge sandals and wedge pumps are a hot look for this season, and the thick-soled footwear is versatile enough to coordinate with many different outfits. Here are some tips on choosing and styling wedge sandals to help you look stylish in this footwear trend:
- One of the first things to consider when choosing wedges is the height of the heels. If you'll need to do a lot of walking in your wedges, look for styles with 1 to 2-inch heels. For a dressier nighttime look, 2 to 4-inch wedges are an excellent choice. Heels more than 4 inches in height are a very trendy look, but they can be hard to walk in. You'll need to step carefully to avoid twisting your ankle or losing your balance.
- Another style consideration when shopping for wedges is the thickness of the heels. As with all types of footwear, thicker heels will help to balance the shape of thicker or more muscular calves. Women with thinner legs should look for thinner heel styles to complement the lines of their calves.
- Wedges can be worn for dressy occasions, provided you choose the right style. Look for shoes with ankle straps, embellishments like bows or flowers or simple, solid colors.
- You can wear wedges to work and keep a professional look by choosing lower heeled styles in classic neutral colors. Leather or suede wedges in black, gray, brown or navy are all excellent choices for professional dress.
- Boldly patterned, strappy and cork-bottomed wedges are all great casual styles that can be worn with a summer sundress, shorts, a maxi dress, wide leg or boot cut jeans or palazzo pants.
- While wedges can coordinate with many different types of outfits, there are some pieces with which they shouldn't be paired. Generally, wedges are best when worn with looser clothing or pieces that flow. Wearing wedges with a pencil skirt, capris, skinny jeans or leggings can make the legs look too bulky.
There you have it--the full fashion story on wedge shoes for spring and summer. Now, you're ready to buy the perfect pair of wedges. If you've never worn wedges before, you may want to forgo online shopping, so that you can try on styles and find the perfect height for your comfort and tastes.

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