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Girly Apps – The Newest Option Just for Chicks

Smartphone and tablet apps account for nearly half of all Internet usage, as these handy programs make it possible to do so many things with ease. From shopping online to playing games to managing grocery lists, women are using apps on a daily basis, and app developers are responding by creating apps with women in mind. Here is a look at some of the recently released applications made to appeal to the ladies:
1. Keep Shopping - Available for iOS and ANDROID devices, Keep Shopping is an app that is designed for women who want to shop 'til they drop online. With the app, you can discover trendy products and purchase them from multiple retailers all in one shopping cart.
2. Stylect - The right shoes put the perfect finishing touch on an outfit, and Stylect is made to help you find the right shoes to go with everything. Currently only available for iOS devices, the app allows you to search a collection of more than 50,000 pairs of shoes by style, price and color in seconds.
3. Threadflip - With the Threadflip app for iOS and ANDROID devices, you can buy and sell clothing and apparel right from your smart phone. The app connects you with a community of thousands of other women to help you expand your wardrobe and make cash by cleaning out your closet.
4. Cakewalk - Designed for busy moms, Cakewalk provides hundreds of quick activity ideas for kids. You can search for activities based on age, look for crafts or ideas for the non-crafty and find both indoor and outdoor activities with just a few swipes with the iOS app.
5. BrightNest - Made for ANDROID and iOS devices, BrightNest is designed to help women create more beautiful homes. The app provides everything from interior decorating advice to tips on how to tackle tough cleaning jobs. You can also use the app to create to-do lists for DIY design projects.
6. Happier - Although the iOS and ANDROID app is for both men and women, ladies are loving Happier. With this app, you can post about things that brighten your day and keep a social gratitude journal while reading uplifting messages and comments from other users.
7. The Bump - The Bump is a pregnancy app that allows expectant mothers to track their baby's development week-by-week and read thousands of informative articles on pregnancy and infant care. The iOS app also has a community feature that lets moms-to-be connect, exchange ideas and support one another.
8. Spitfire Athlete - Spitfire Athlete is an iOS physical fitness app made just for women. It includes training plans developed by certified coaches, exercise tutorials and exhaustive guides on topics like recovery and nutrition to help women achieve their fitness goals.
These are just a few of the for-the-girls apps that have appeared on the Google Play and iTunes App Store in recent weeks. You can find dozens of other girly apps to make life easier, more fashionable and more fun.

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