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Essential Skin Care from Obagi Nu-Derm and Somme Institute
When you're concerned about a chronic skin condition like signs of aging or acne, it's easy to focus on finding the right treatments to improve the health of your skin and minimize the appearance of those imperfections. While it may seem logical...
The Beauty Ingredients Snob! Part One!
One of the main reasons I consider myself an expert in skincare is because I always want to know the “x” factor. I want to know why products work. And simply put the “x” factor is the active ingredient(s) within the product themselves. Think of back in...
Posted: Apr 23 2010, 03:09 PM by Karen | with no comments
After a lot of thought…Dermalogica is still Numero Uno with me!
Being a skincare expert for over 25 years I’m often asked what is the best skincare brand I’ve ever used both personally and professionally. The problem with that question is oftentimes there are too many variables to answer with just one brand. What...
Posted: Dec 04 2009, 02:51 PM by Karen | with no comments
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Turbo Time Saving Regimen! Brought to you by Philosophy Booster!
Lately I’ve been so busy I’ve had to formulate some time saving ideas. My friends say I take too long to get ready to go somewhere…which isn’t true (in my…but just on the slight chance that they’re correct, I decided to see what I could...
An amazing kit I would have customized had Philosophy not beat me to it!
Nothing shouts "a great pick me up" quite like a superb all inclusive skincare kit. If I could create one myself it would have an excellent cleanser, a firming and lifting serum, a jar of moisturizer, a top notch eye and lip firming product...
Repackaging of Perricone MD means Big Savings for Customers!
There are only a couple of things that could steer me from finishing a series or knocking it out of sequence. And that would have to be the sale of the century. If you like Deal or No Deal just check out the savings on Perricone MD going on right now...
Say Farewell to Discoloration with Nia24 SkinCeuticals Decleor and More!
Yesterday was my niece’s 30th birthday so I sent her a little birthday picture text message. Of course I had to comment on the big 3-0 but also couldn’t resist mischievously attaching a little picture of her when she was a baby donning nothing but a little...
Want Sensational Skin? Use Treatment Serums!
Today I had a question in my forums about why serums are special and why they are different from creams. I would imagine all of us would like to know if they’re worth adding to our daily regimen. My best understanding of skincare treatment serum is basically...
Posted: Jun 04 2009, 06:52 PM by Karen | with 2 comment(s)
Crazy for SkinCare Serums...Especially Pevonia! (Part One)
Have any of you tried Pevonia Botanicals Serums or Concentrates? They are specialty products within their line that are serum type intensive treatment skin care. These little powerhouses are concentrated formulas of specific ingredients that absorb easily...
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